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The brief description of lakedarbonnelife.com on our home page says, in part, “People pursue outdoor activities because it’s fun, entertaining and enjoyable. That third part — “enjoyable” — can mean catching a bunch of fish, shooting a big deer, or just paddling down the bayou in a canoe, riding around the lake in a pontoon … Continue reading

The crappie limit

There’s a bit of confusion about the crappie limit on Lake D’Arbonne this Fall. Here is the story: * There has been a recommendation to lower the limit of crappie to 25 per fisherman per day on Lake D’Arbonne. That means 50 crappie per day for two fishermen. * The recommendation passed in the Louisiana … Continue reading

Don’t blame the Bluebird

Bright  orange and gold light the eastern sky well before the sun is even close to showing itself. A streak of blue, growing more dominant as sunrise nears, adds to the majesty. The brisk morning lets the heavy dew live a little bit longer. There isn’t a cloud in the sky. The day ends that … Continue reading

Adversity = good fishing

My friend George and I know about adversity.  Adversity builds character. Adversity also builds good fishing trips. Sometimes when we go fishing and there isn’t enough adversity provided by the natural order of the way things happen, we are just down right ugly to each other. That does it. It really works.  The fish think … Continue reading

They’re schooling…

Today’s fishing report: They are schooling on D’Arbonne.  OK, not the fish….the fishermen! About a dozen or so spots this week could double as a used boat show on the lake as white perch fishermen chase their favorite prey on the lake.  Most fishermen are concentrating on the old river channels up the D’Arbonne and … Continue reading

Lake low…and busy…

Today’s business includes rounding up as good a fishing report for the area as possible so I can bring it to you in this space tomorrow. Sometimes fishing reports are a week or two old, or the information isn’t that useful (like the fishing report that is hand printed on an old wooden barrel top … Continue reading

It’s like spring…in reverse

A lot of bass fishermen in the South put up their rods and reels in the fall and turn to football or hunting for outdoor recreation. But if you are one of those guys, you are passing up some of the best bass fishing of the year. Think of it like this.  Fall bass fishing … Continue reading

Best catch ever!

 A wife of noble character who can find?  She is worth far more than jewels.  Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value.  She brings him good, not harm,  all the days of her life. —   Proverbs 31:10 I have a little wooden sign that hangs over my computer desk that … Continue reading

Bow knows deer

I’ve never been inclined to bow hunt, In fact, I’d rather catch a nine pounder fishing than kill a nine pointer hunting. But that’s just me. Thousands of Louisiana sportsmen (and women) bowhunt every year.  From early reports, this has been a great year to do that so far. There is a good deer herd, … Continue reading

Black Bayou Celebrates

If there’s one thing we could use more of these days, it’s people saying “Thank You”. That is the case this Saturday in Monroe when the Friends of Black Bayou open up the Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge from 10 am. – 3 p.m. for the annual Fall Celebration to say “thanks” to the … Continue reading

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