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Fish For Victory!

There’s a big football game down in Baton Rouge this weekend. It’s all you will hear about if you are a sports fan this week. So I thought as my Trick or Treat blog,  I’d share my take on it via, of course,  a fishing story. I don’t know how it all got started, but … Continue reading

Ghosts & Glob-lins

The frogs didn’t do it. It’s the bryozoans.  Those big, ugly globs hanging on pier posts, leaning logs and washing up on the bank that look like a translucent round jellyfish that swallowed 100 frog eggs are bryozoans. That’s a type of protozoa. What, you didn’t take science in high school? Just kidding. I don’t … Continue reading

FLW hits the Ouachita

Bass at Walmart?  Fishermen from around the country racing up and down the Ouachita River?  A $50,000 prize for the biggest bag of bass?  What’s going on? It’s the FLW EverStart Series Championship on the Ouachita River out of Monroe Nov. 1-4. Weigh-in will be held the first two days at Forsythe Park, then the … Continue reading

Look at what we caught…

One of my favorite places to fish the past 15 or so years has been Lake Fork, Texas. It’s chocked full of fish – especially huge bass. A friend and I had been catching and releasing loads of fish for a couple of spring days a few years back. The lake has a slot limit … Continue reading

Take your pick

There are four factors that can mess up Fall fishing: 1. Muddy Water — often this time of year we have huge rains and if the lake you are fishing has any kind of drainage into it, the water will probably get muddy. It won’t totally shut off the fish, but it will make it … Continue reading

Looking for deer sign

Deer season for gun hunters is just around the corner, and Louisiana hunters have been busy making all the necessary preparations and studying deer signs to see where they might get their trophy buck. Locating and predicting where deer go is easy when the deer do what they are supposed to do, but there are … Continue reading

Fishing remains about the same

Fishermen are still lining the channels on the big lake on D’Arbonne and near the Ruston Hwy. Bridge. The lake has started a very slow fall again and fishing reports on white perch vary from zero to nearly a limit. About 50 boats were visible in those two areas mid-morning yesterday. It appears the fish … Continue reading

Kayak fun

There probably has never been a real Eskimo in Union Parish, but a little bit of the culture lives here. There is a whole club of people who like to tour area waterways in kayaks. Kayaks were first used by the Eskimos in Alaska. The D’Arbonne Kayak Club members are glad the kayak found its … Continue reading

75.3 and holding

Lake D’Arbonne is at 75.3 feet and holding. It may come down a few more inches with no rain in the forecast, but it’s holding pretty steady at just under five feet below pool stage. As the water level stabilizes, fishing will probably pick up a bit. Right now it’s hit or miss. Mostly miss … Continue reading

Fish talk….

“It’s a proven fact — 87% of the fishermen who read Kinny Haddox’s  lakedarbonnelife.com  each day catch more and bigger fish”. “Wish we’d have known that BEFORE we hit those pretty pink and white jigs.” “Yep”‘

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