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Adversity = good fishing

My friend George and I know about adversity.  Adversity builds character. Adversity also builds good fishing trips.

Sometimes when we go fishing and there isn’t enough adversity provided by the natural order of the way things happen, we are just down right ugly to each other. That does it. It really works.  The fish think we are arguing and we aren’t fishing hard. They let their guard down. Mistake. We really have our “A” game and they are in trouble. Get the net.

George and I planned a fishing trip for early Wednesday morning to be on the lake during the major feeding period.  Also, with a front coming in, we figured it would be a good day for fishing.  When George got here at 1 p.m., the major biting period was just a bit of history, but we weren’t swayed. A little later, we were swayed by the 30 mile per hour wind. Swayed, rocked, rolled..but we still managed to go fishing. Remember: Adversity = good fishing.

Anyway, we finally got headed down to the ramp. Well, almost.  I had to rig up George a couple of my old four-foot fiberglas fishing rods with Zebco 33’s. He had left his fishing gear at home because he was in a rush to get here three hours late. And, there was another slight delay. He had to get on the computer and  order himself a new fishing license. I assured him the one in his wallet from 2009 just wouldn’t cut it anymore. Things were looking up.

Adversity worked again.  We had a great time, caught six really nice bass while fishing way up Corney Creek. We missed a couple more. One was over four pounds and another pushing it. One aggressive

George and two good D’Arbonne bass from Wednesday afternoon (for those new to the site, George’s face is blurred out at his request (I think it is because he is in the Witness Protection Program)

bass ate the skirt right off my spinnerbait and didn’t even get the hook in him. George didn’t even lose the $12 titanium-shafted-gold plated-diamond-bladed spinnerbait I let him borrow.

We also marked a bunch of great spots to fish when the water comes back up. George put big orange X’s on at least a dozen stumps or logs out on points or dropoffs. Of course, when the water comes up, the X’s will be under three or four feet of water, but hey, we can handle it. The harder it is, the better we do.

On a serious note:  The lake is really down now and there are some “boat lanes” that are too shallow to navigate or that have stumps on the bottom.  There are also some floating logs in the lake. If you are fishing, use special care and just take it easy. Getting in a hurry can get you hurt or make you get a part-time job to pay for boat/motor repairs.


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