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Lake low…and busy…

Today’s business includes rounding up as good a fishing report for the area as possible so I can bring it to you in this space tomorrow. Sometimes fishing reports are a week or two old, or the information isn’t that useful (like the fishing report that is hand printed on an old wooden barrel top hanging on my back porch:  “The Fish Bit Yesterday”).

A lot of times fishing reports you read are pretty standard:  “white perch are biting shiners; bass are hitting plastic worms;  best place to fish is the shallows….etc, etc…” I’ll try not to bring reports like that, but you know how fishermen are. If you get too many details out of them, you have to wonder if they’re lying.

One thing I know for sure — at 7 a.m. yesterday morning, the parking lot at Jake’s on D’Arbonne at the bridge was full and trucks were already parking up along the highway.   You could see 30-40 boats up and down the main river channel.  The area up along the Bernice Hwy. bridge has been busy, too.  Looks like the white perch are biting or we have some really optimistic white perch fishermen!  I’ll have more details tomorrow. If you have any accurate reports you’d like to share, e-mail them to be at darbone1@gmail.com.

The drawdown has revealed quite a few good “secret” spots that hold fish when the lake is up.  Structure like this usually holds a few fish when the water is up. The bad thing is, there is so much structure in D’Arbonne, it’s hard to remember exactly where these are. Where exactly are they?  Didn’t I say it was a secret?



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