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Lake down nearly 5 feet

The drawdown of Lake D’Arbonne caught back up (or down, I guess) to where it was two weeks ago before a torrential rainfall in our area.  The lake was at 75.2 feet yesterday, just .1 above its lowest point since the drawdown began the day after Labor Day. The gates will remain open for several … Continue reading

Happy, Happy, Happy

There are very few things on television that compete with my passion for college football this time of year, but there’s one thing that will. Tonight the second season of Duck Dynasty begins at 9 p.m. on the A&E network. The Beards Are Back.  And I’m happy, happy, happy. Here’s the A&E promo for the … Continue reading

George & a limit of little bass

This weekend, I introduced you to one of my good fishing buddies, George (see Unexpected Fishing Trip Visitors).  We got away for an afternoon fishing trip recently and since the boat landing at D’Arbonne was full and running over, we went to one of George’s favorite secret spots. It’s a beautiful secluded fishing spot. I … Continue reading

Pelicans on point

One of the big news items late last week on D’Arbonne was the sighting of several groups of white pelicans. Hey, don’t laugh. I’d rather that be the headline than most of today’s news, wouldn’t you? I spotted the big white pelicans last week on the mud flats exposed by the drawdown just north of … Continue reading

Keep fishing in perspective

I take fishing very seriously, but really, unless you are a professional fisherman, it’s just recreation. It’s a game. To get good at fishing, you have to put in a lot of work. I’ve been pretty serious about fishing in my life and I put in a lot of work to get good at it. … Continue reading

Unexpected fishing trip visitors

One day this week my good friend George and I went fishing.  It was a beautiful day. We enjoy fishing together. I had just gotten a new boat and we were at one of George’s favorite fishing spots to break it in. We actually got there about 2 p.m., an hour before the Solunar Tables … Continue reading

Fishing report

It’s been a great week to be outdoors.  The weather has been beautiful. The recent rains have given everything a bright new look. And even though the rainfall has muddied the water in places and put a rise on Lake D’Arbonne, the fish seem to be biting. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being … Continue reading

Wow! Now it’s your turn. . .

Lakedarbonnelife.com has been up and running for three weeks. In those three weeks, we’ve had nearly 4,000 people view the pages. Yesterday was our biggest day so far — over 400 views.  Thank you!  So far, we’ve spread the word by e-mail, attending a couple of sportsman’s shows and just word of mouth. We’re doing … Continue reading

Mother Nature in a good mood

Mother Nature woke up in a good mood on the lake Tuesday.  The dawn was spectacular — orange and blue and gold and 64 shades in between — bouncing off cotton candy clouds that only God could have put all together in one place. He made the sunrise. I took the picture. It is one … Continue reading

Mr. Frog is full

Well, it was nice while it lasted. The official lakedarbonnelife.com “Mr. Frog” rain gauge is officially full. And, I might add, running over. That means five inches of rain – PLUS.  Some neighbors reported their six inch rain gauges were overflowing as well. The drawdown has turned into a riseup.  D’Arbonne was at 75.31 feet … Continue reading

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