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The crappie limit

There’s a bit of confusion about the crappie limit on Lake D’Arbonne this Fall. Here is the story:
* There has been a recommendation to lower the limit of crappie to 25 per fisherman per day on Lake D’Arbonne. That means 50 crappie per day for two fishermen.
* The recommendation passed in the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission meeting last week.
*  However, the change is not in effect yet. There is one more review before this special lake regulation becomes law.
* When it does become official, we’ll let you know and I’m sure other members of the media will as well.
In the meantime, the limit is still 50 crappie per fisherman per day.

While there is no real biological data to show this is needed to help manage crappie populations on the lake, there is none to show it won’t help either.  I don’t mind seeing progressive rules if they are good for the future of the lake. Lake D’Arbonne is a treasure and those of us that use it need to make sure we leave it in better shape than we found it.  But I do understand that a lot of people are against this and they have good reasons, too.

Personally, I’d be okay if they lowered the limit to five per day.  That way I could have a better chance to catch a limit! Yes, I’m kidding. I know some of you out there have opinions on this: Click on the “comment section” and let us hear from you. And be nice….


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