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The Night Before Christmas on the lake!

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all across the lake Only two ducks were still stirring, a hen and a drake. The yo-yo’s were hung on the boat dock with care, In hopes some big crappie would soon swim up there; The coots were nestled all snug close by the shore, They were there by … Continue reading

Lost as a goose

A few days ago, two young snow geese landed in a vacant lot in our subdivision on the lake and spent a good part of the day there. It’s one of those “life on the lake” moments I keep talking about. Maybe all that flying and flying and flying then landing in crowded grain fields … Continue reading

December ducks

The numbers are in from the December Waterfowl study conducted by Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Waterfowl Study leader Larry Reynolds. There are lots of ducks in Louisiana and with recent rains, they aren’t as concentrated in some areas as they were. However, the survey was completed just prior to the recent cold front, … Continue reading

Blow, Blow, Blow

Wednesday night about 3:00 a.m., I began to wonder if maybe the Mayans were right, but missed it by a day! Man, did that wind blow. It did kind of sound like the world was about to end, or at least get blown away. I think this “end of the world stuff” is simply because … Continue reading

New Yo-Yo, trotline regs

There aren’t many yo-yo and trotline fishermen right now, but it’s only a few months away. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has announced that special regulations for these two types of devices have been standardized for several state lakes, including LAKE D’ARBONNE. The LDWF would like to remind anglers that consistent regulations for … Continue reading

A great fishing season – part 2

First off today — If you didn’t read yesterday’s blog, click back and read it before you read today’s. ************ Late Night TV host David Letterman wouldn’t know a bass if it jumped out of his bottomless coffee cup, but he did make the “Top Ten” list famous. So we;re borrowing the concept from him, … Continue reading

A great fishing season – part 1

Late Night TV host David Letterman wouldn’t know a bass if it jumped out of his bottomless coffee cup, but he did make the “Top Ten” list famous. So we’re borrowing the concept from him, but on a much more serious topic than he ever considers. The next two days, I’m sharing my “TOP TEN” … Continue reading

An ounce of prevention

Unless you plan to fish just about every week through the winter, now’s a good time to take some steps to properly winterize your boat and motor for the next couple of months. Fortunately, we don’t have sub-30 degree weather on a prolonged basis very often, but you never know.  Here are some pretty simple … Continue reading

A dark hour

I have never heard of anything so sad, so evil, so senseless in our day as what happened in Sandy Hook Elementary in Newton, Connecticut. The feelings following the murder of innocent children go beyond what words can express. This tragedy certainly deserves our attention and prayers more than anything I could write about in … Continue reading

Water up, but not much

Lake D’Arbonne had a couple of slight rises the last two weeks, but it’s still just about 75.7 feet, just over four feet below below normal pool stage.  That’s about a foot higher than the lake got at its latest point the last three months. The drawdown did accomplish a couple of things already. Property … Continue reading

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