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Press 6 for uh-oh

If you are like me, you just LOVE IT when you get to speak to an automated phone answering system instead of a real person. It’s even more fun when there are problems. Some state deer hunters have encountered difficulty recently with the voice recognition system linked to the toll-free phone number 866-484-4805 that collects … Continue reading

Duck duck, goose goose

If you’ve got a good duck hole with good water, you have to be excited about the opening of the second split of duck season in the Eastern Zone this coming weekend. Reports from the field show there are quite a few ducks  – and geese – in the area. Earlier this week there seemed … Continue reading

Dial BR 549 for bass

Some younger folks may have never seen slow-talking Junior Samples on Hee-Haw on Saturday night. He’s always been one of my favorites. His dry wit and humor kept America chuckling for hours…and for years.  Most folks don’t know, though, that Junior Samples got his start after telling a whopper of a fish story! Hey, I … Continue reading

Crappie condos

If you own property around the lake and want to attract some spring crappie within casting distance of the bank when the water in Lake D’Arbonne comes back up, now’s the time to get out there and put up some crappie condos. No construction permits needed. But don’t wait too long. A couple more rains … Continue reading

Not today

I figure just about any day is a good day to go fishing.  But not today. Not around here. There is no doubt that one of the best times to catch fish is BEFORE an approaching storm or front. Not many will argue that. However, there is some doubt, but I have always found that … Continue reading

A crown of glory

“Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life.”  — Proverbs 16:31 *********** Today I want to share one of my favorite outdoor poems with you that those of you out there who have earned your gray hair will understand.  It’s entitled, “Fish with me as I grow older…” … … Continue reading

Fishing report

Fishing reports this time of year are just about as useful as football game predictions. But we’ve had several requests for information, so here’s the latest we could gather: D’Arbonne crappie — Fishermen are still having some success in the channel. The weather this week messed up the fishermen and the fish a bit. One … Continue reading

Coot parade

You can set your clock by them. Every afternoon, about 30 minutes before dark, they parade in single or double file out from the shallows to an open flat far away from the bank. Next morning, not long after daylight, they begin the parade back to the shallows and the bank to feed or do … Continue reading

Oy to the World!

This may put everybody else in my family in a “fowl” mood, but I’m gonna have to try to cook a pirducken for Christmas. There’s just no ducking it. Duck stuffed in a chicken stuffed in a turkey stuffed in a pig?  How can that not be a hit? Like Phil said, it isn’t very … Continue reading

I’m dreaming of a … WHAT?

Riding higher than Santa in his sleigh, A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” has scheduled a holiday special: “I’m Dreaming of a Redneck Christmas” It’s set for 9 p.m. TONIGHT — (Wednesday Dec. 5) on A&E.  A new north Louisiana Christmas Tradition is most certainly born, and will be shared with the whole world.  I think this falls … Continue reading

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