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I guess if you have enough time to Google “recipes for goo”, you deserve what you get. Here’s the first thing Google offered: “Let’s Make Slime!  This is a collection of slime recipes for kids. You’ll find goo, ooze, flubber, oobleck, putty, and many more types of slime. Slime recipes are a great way to … Continue reading

Can’t duck success

It just keeps getting better. Because the Robertsons are a part of our area and the Duck Commander name has been known around here for 30 years, I think it is especially interesting to keep up with the Beardy Bunch. In case you missed it, they were actually up on Lake D’Arbonne at Ramp Road … Continue reading

Life on the Edge

If you love the woods and water in Louisiana, it would be worth your time to check this out: Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB) will broadcast the complete “Alive! In America’s Delta” series beginning this Wednesday, April 30 at 7 p.m. with the premiere of the “Life on the Edge” episode. The six-part series presents a behind the … Continue reading

Welcome, Wood Marine of Ruston

We welcome a great new sponsor to lakedarbonnelife.com, Wood Marine of Ruston. Owned and managed by the husband-wife team of Jody and Jodi Wood, they opened the business in 2011 and their motto pretty much sums up their philosophy: “Helping you get on the water and stay on the water”. In other words, it’s about … Continue reading

Good cause chukars!

And you thought the only thing going on was fishing… Our friends at Hunters for Heroes are less than two weeks out from their next event. On Friday, April 11, Hunters for Heroes will host eight disabled veterans from Fort Polk WTU at Wild Wings Lodge in Downsville. On Saturday, they will be treated to … Continue reading

Lake on ice

The trouble with weather forecasting is that it’s right too often for us to ignore it and wrong too often for us to rely on it.  That pretty much sums up what we’ve been facing the past several weeks. If the ice and snow from yesterday didn’t do anything else, at least it got a … Continue reading

Got your goose?

Still itching to get up before the crack of dawn, wade through the mud in the cold or rain and take a few shots at high flying birds? Well, it’s time to get your goose. The extended goose season is upon us and there are plenty of geese. The only question is what to do … Continue reading

Sun setting on duck season

The clock is ticking on the 2013-14 duck season in the East Zone, which includes all of northeast Louisiana. The second split in the East ends Sunday, January 26. A special one-day youth hunt is scheduled for Feb. 1.  I miss the cut on that one by a few days…Check your regulations pamphlet for details … Continue reading

Duck call$ and the boat $how

The stories around the highest bidder for Duck Commander Phil Robertson’s millionth duck call made last year just kind of make one feel proud of folks in our area. First of all, Duck Commander donated the commemorative, autographed call to be auctioned to raise money for the Northeast Louisiana Veterans’ Association Wounded Warrior hunts. The good … Continue reading

As first reported here….

Folks that know me would tell you in a heartbeat that I would never say “I TOLD YOU SO”…but I want to share this with you anyway as we look at three days this week with temps in the 20’s.  Okay, humor me. It’s a rerun (pardon me) of  our Oct. 2, 2013 entry into … Continue reading

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