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Ducks, heroes and more ducks…

They are back. And just in time. With college football over and good fishing weather a few weeks away, it’s good timing.  Duck Dynasty returns for Season Five tonight at 9 p.m. ( Wednesday) on the Eat Crow Channel. I mean A&E…. The show will feature Willie’s daughter Rebecca, fresh from graduating college and an … Continue reading

Hunt like a Hero

Saturday, I had a great time at Wild Wings in Downsville visiting with four of the United States Army’s finest,  SFC Phillip Whitty, SGT Steve Keller, SPC Daniel Cothren, and SPC Red Mauck. They all arrived at the Lodge Friday and did a little trap shooting with Louisiana Hunters for Heroes President Donnie Vocker, his … Continue reading

Go Fish

Overall, hunting season was pretty good in our area. We had much colder temperatures than normal early in the season and that was good for deer and duck hunters. Union Parish is one of the top two parishes in the state for deer hunting and this season did not disappoint. In fact, the busiest folks … Continue reading

Silent sermon

Some of the most eye-opening sermons and lessons in life don’t involve a word. Here’s an example shared with me recently: A member of the church who previously had been attending services regularly stopped going. After a few weeks, the pastor decided to visit. The pastor found the man at home alone, sitting before a … Continue reading

Things were just ducky…

There’s some advantage to being the senior member of a well-mannered duck hunting party. At least for a while. I’m talking “senior” as in card-carrying AARP member. Do you need some help loading the Ranger? No, we got it. How about the decoys? Got them, too. Where should I sit?  etc….etc… “You just get your … Continue reading

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