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Can’t duck success

It just keeps getting better. Because the Robertsons are a part of our area and the Duck Commander name has been known around here for 30 years, I think it is especially interesting to keep up with the Beardy Bunch.

In case you missed it, they were actually up on Lake D’Arbonne at Ramp Road with A&E crews last week shooting a segment for Duck Dynasty. The shoot was blocked from public access, but it will most likely be a favorite in our area when it hits the airways in a few months. All I can tell you is that almost the whole family — including Phil & Miss Kay — were there and in the end, Willie got wet….more to come.

Not only are they about to kick off a new season June 11, they are also almost constantly in the news. It seems that even though Phil is taking a more quiet role, the family just can’t duck success.

The latest? At a fund raiser for the Salvation Army called “The Call: Faith, Family and Facial Hair”, they set a Guinness World Record for….the most duck calls ever blown at once. Most folks can’t imagine the sound, but there were 3,028 duck calls all quacking at once. As part of the fund-raiser, everybody was given a call and blew it for two minutes as a representative from Guinness documented the event. The Guinness representatives name was, surely not by coincidence, Phil Robertson. No, this one didn’t have a beard.

I wasn’t there, but I think I kind of know what it must have sounded like. If you ever hunted Wham Brake in the old days on opening morning, you know what I mean….

beardy bunch


One thought on “Can’t duck success

  1. Sounded like Wham Brake! Well, then, I know just what it sounded like. 🙂

    Posted by Ray Jones | May 29, 2014, 12:3612:46 am

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