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photo-29I guess if you have enough time to Google “recipes for goo”, you deserve what you get. Here’s the first thing Google offered: “Let’s Make Slime!  This is a collection of slime recipes for kids. You’ll find goo, ooze, flubber, oobleck, putty, and many more types of slime. Slime recipes are a great way to experience polymers.”

No. No. No. That isn’t what I was looking for. I was looking for good ways to cook freshwater redfish — goo. Gaspergoo. I know, I know. You aren’t supposed to eat those things. But while crappie fishing, I caught about a three or four pounder on a Road Runner and since it took me 10 minutes to get him in on my new B’n’M jig pole with four-pound test line, I decided to make him pay. Hello goo, meet Mr. FILET knife. Hey, I thought, a gaspergoo can’t be much different from a buffalo, and I know a bunch of guys who have eaten a bunch of buffalo ribs, especially in the duck blind when no other fish were available because we hadn’t fished because we were duck hunting all the time. And that was before I discovered run-on sentences, too.

Back to goo-gle. Next time, I tried “recipes for gaspergoo”. Mr. Google corrected me and asked, “Did you mean: recipes for gaspergou?” Yes, thank you, oh great Mr. Goo-gle. Geez. No wonder nobody eats gaspergoo, which I learned is officially called Aplodinotus grunniens, which kind of sounds like what I expected to GET after eating goo.

BUT Waa-laa! My persistence paid off! I found a great recipe for Gasper Goo Couvillon! (No, I did not Goo-gle “couvillon”). It was on a blog called Collard Patch and was written by a lady from Ruston! A blog called Collard Patch has got to know what it’s talking about (even if it was from 2005). Here’s the link:


Okay, I didn’t have time for that and wanted to cook up a special “appetizer” for my SUMO friends recently, so I just cut it up in little strips, soaked it in lemon juice water, dipped it in mustard and fried it up like a catfish filet. It was outstanding! At least that’s where I last saw the SUMOS…outstanding in the yard. One SUMO ate his share and more, though. I might start calling him Aplodinotus, the Greek god of goo.

In only have one more thing. It was a bit more chewy than crappie, but hey, seriously, it was pretty GOOd.






One thought on “Goo-gle

  1. Re: eating Gaspergou/Goo/trash fish…, Kinny, for years there was a fish market in Strong, AR (between Crossett and El Dorado) that advertised “fresh Goo” on a sign in front of the store. Now, if there is anyone on the planet that knows “Goo”, it will be the good folks in Strong, AR.

    Posted by Emil Turner | May 21, 2014, 12:369:50 am

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