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Mack’s a Bassmaster!

That’s Mack filming BASS pro Chris Zaldain

Mack Green of West Monroe is one smart young man.

The 14-year old has found his way right into the middle of big time bass fishing — not with a rod and reel, but with a camera. He’s becoming a behind the scenes social media rock star. He has even already had a video and story about him published online at the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society website. How many folks around here can say that?

Mack and the Zaldains

Green has grown up fishing with his dad, Jon, and loves to be out on the water with a pole in his hand. But a few years ago, he also began to develop a love for learning more about photography and videography. He started picking up more and more equipment and decided that it would be cool to video some of their fishing trips. At first, the purpose was to watch the videos, learn from what they did and become better anglers.

That has developed quickly into an awesome opportunity that has even allowed Mack to travel to several pro bass tournaments, fish with some of the best anglers around and even become more pumped about his future possibilities as an outdoor videographer.

“I have been fortunate to hook up with some really good people,” Mack told me earlier this week. “One day I got to go out with Tyler Stewart and do a photo shoot. He’s cool. Then I got with local pro fisherman Todd Risinger and did some video work for him. He fishes a lot of tournaments. BASS Elite pro Chris Zaldain from Ft. Worth, Texas heard about Mack and asked him if he would come out to Lake Fork, Texas, and film him in the BASS Elite tournament earlier this summer. Mack couldn’t say “yes” fast enough.

He filmed Chris, helped him with some social media posts and was off and running. It wasn’t long until Zaldain was contacting him again and took Mack out to Lake Guntersville in north Alabama to film another BASS tournament.

“I just can’t explain how cool that was,” Mack said. “I mean they came and got me, tookk care of my food and lodging and I got to go stay out in a boat filming. I even filmed all the way over there. They are really super awesome people. In fact, everybody I’ve met has been really nice. I’ve had a great time.”

Mack wouldn’t mind just loading up and doing this all the time, but there is this little thing called school starting up in a few weeks. He will be a freshman at West Monroe high this fall. He loves the filming, but he knows how important his education is as well. And as far as anybody knows, missing school to shoot videos of a bass tournament probably isn’t an excused absence at this point.

He’s obviously got a bright future ahead of him doing what he loves. And if he learns enough and wants to pursue it, who knows, he may be in front of the pro bass lenses one day, not behind them. But now he’s focused on the video.

“The fishing industry is starving for guys like him and here he is, 14 years old out there killing it, making a name for himself,” Zaldain said. Zaldain knows about “killing it”. The 35-year old has won $677,287 and fished in four BASS Classics.

I’ve been around this fishing game for quite a while and I can assure you, for the BASS media staff to notice and take the time to do a feature on Mack, he has already made an impression on his peers.

Mack’s got bass fishing in focus

Here’s a link to the video clip that BASS did on Mack. Enjoy. And keep up the good work, young man!



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