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Stewarts dance into ACT lead

Terry and Cole Stewart are pretty good fishermen. But the father-son duo from the Jackson, Ms. area are even better dancers. After coming in to the scales with seven crappie weighing 12.01 pounds to take the first- day lead in the American Crappie Trail national tournament on the Ouachita River Friday, I  spent 15 minutes … Continue reading

Catfish, gar and oh, yes…crappie

At the end of the night, it was hard to tell I was at a pre-tournament meeting for a crappie tournament. I mean, most of the talk was about catfish and gar. The catfish were caught at Catfish Charlie’s, the main menu item for the dinner for participants in this weekend’s American Crappie Trail Ouachita … Continue reading

“Locals” to watch in the ACT

If there’s a “home court” advantage to fishing in the American Crappie Trail professional tournament on the Ouachita River Friday and Saturday, we’re listing some of the “local” teams that would have it (“local” in this case meaning guys a short trailer pull away from the river as in Area Code 318). Teams from Area … Continue reading

They’re here: ACT is on the water

Somewhere out on the meandering Ouachita River this weekend, some place between the I-20 bridge and the Felsenthal Lock and Dam, somebody’s gonna win a fully decked out brand new Ranger fishing rig. Some dozen or so other angler teams are going to win cash and prizes that could all total in the neighborhood of … Continue reading

Thanks, Dad

I originally wrote and published this article in the News-Star on Sunday, June 19, 1988. My parents are both gone on to be with the Lord now, but I never lost the love for life and for fishing that they gave me. I hope you enjoy reading this and are able to still tell your … Continue reading

This isn’t your daddy’s crappie fishing

Attention: Crappie Fishermen If you’ve ever put a shiner under a bobber or dropped a jig on a line under a cypress tree for fun or supper, this should get your attention. If you have ever thought about putting your crappie skills to the test against the best of the best for big cash and … Continue reading

Were the story a fish, it would be a gar

If this story were a fish, it would be a gar. A toothy, stinky, big old bottom-feeding gar fish. One worthy of being bashed over the head with a four-foot long oak boat paddle. On Thursday,  the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries issued a news release renewing hope that the long-awaited and much-delayed Bussey Brake … Continue reading

Can you spare some change?

I’ve got too much change. Not the kind that can buy a Root Beer in a frosty mug.  I mean the stuff around me. I vividly remember having to get out of my chair and walk to the TV to change the channel from Channel 10 to Channel 8.  Those were the two choices. Now, … Continue reading

May I see your fishing license?

There’s really only one time that it is important to have a fishing license.  That’s when the two guys in green uniforms approach your boat and ask, “May I see your fishing license.” Other than that, you can just keep it in your wallet. You did remember your wallet, didn’t you? If you are fishing … Continue reading

Dialing in Detroit’s bass

In some ways, Tyler Stewart of West Monroe is your ordinary 23-year old bass fisherman. He fishes hard. He fishes often. He has a passion for catching bass. He pretty much fishes anytime he can and he’s an information junkie about techniques, fishing equipment, electronics and boats. He loves to compete with others. Where Tyler … Continue reading

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