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A lot of times, I keep fishing lures in a waterproof container in my waterproof boat compartments. That way I don’t have to carry around a bunch of tackle boxes all the time and I always have a good selection of lures. But at today’s prices, I decided I better check on one of my boxes recently. I couldn’t believe it. Apparently the new “waterproof” doesn’t have anything to do with keeping water out.

It just means there’s proof that water has been there. And the hooks? Water..POOF!

In this case, it was a box of about a dozen $6-$10 deep diving crank baits used for bass fishing.  As you can see below, most won’t be used for bass fishing anymore. Some of them aren’t even made anymore. That’s a product of me being an “old” bass fisherman.

Fish might still bite them, but it’s hard to hook a fish when the end of the hook is rusted completely off. I guess a more energetic, or hungry, fellow might try to clean the baits up, change out the hooks and re-use them. But in this case, even the plastic box is “rusted” beyond my desire for a cleanup project. How’d that happen? Nevermind.  It was not a good idea to keep the baits in these waterproof areas.

So I’m recycling them. In the “bad decision” bin.



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