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Watermelon rind

All that’s left from the Watermelon Festival  is the rind…and lots of good memories, of course. The Good Lord even sent a deluge Saturday evening and washed up the leftover smushed candy down the parade route in downtown Farmerville. Besides the parade, street dance, seed spitting contest and activities like a bass tournament in the … Continue reading

The simple truth

Why do people lie, or tell half truths, when just being honest would be so easy? Sometimes, it’s an illness. Other times, it is simply to cover up what they have done. Either way, it’s a shameful waste of life, to be dishonest. Some have lied so much they can not even discern truth. Often … Continue reading

Watermelon news

Here’s good news! The 53rd annual Watermelon Festival is Friday, July 29th and Saturday, July 30 in Farmerville. Here’s more good news! Even though there is a chance of rain both days, Watermelons are WATERPROOF!   See, I told you there was good news. Hey, here’s more. Watermelons even float when they are good and ripe … Continue reading

How about a cool boat ride

Tired of all this heat and wishing you could take a nice, long  cool  boat ride on beautiful Lake D’Arbonne without leaving the comfort of your air-conditioned car or house? Here you go….   It’s  a video from this spring by world renowned video producer Buster Craig. I bet it made you feel better. It … Continue reading

Bulldogs, Warhawks & bass

Louisiana Tech University and the University of Louisiana-Monroe will be among teams of college anglers fishing in the 2016 Carhartt Bassmaster College Series National Championship on Green River Lake in Campbellsville, Ky., July 28-30. Adam Forester and Scott McClellan will be representing the LTU Bulldogs and Tyler Stewart and Nick Joiner will be the cast … Continue reading

A really important choice

JOSHUA 24:15 “Choose you this day whom ye will serve;                  … but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Perchfest 2.0

They’re at it again, those pesky Ouachita River hot water perch jerkers. It’s Perchfest 2.0, scheduled for August 27th on the beautiful Ouachita River. A little different approach than last time, but the goal is to catch crappie, win fish bait money, enjoy the pleasant summer temperatures and have a good time with some other … Continue reading

It’s Watermelon Festival time!

Camel up, dudes. It’s Watermelon Festival time! What happens when you drink too much watermelon wine?  You start to see camels. No kidding. But at this year’s 53rd annual Watermelon Festival, you won’t need any watermelon wine to see camels. There really will be camels. Real camels. A new event in the “children’s activities” will … Continue reading

They got their jig on…

Seems like everybody had a good time at the “Get Your Jig On” crappie tournament this past weekend out at Alabama Landing. Except one group. The crappie. But they did end up being the only cool ones out on the Ouachita River at the high-noon weigh in. They were in a huge ice chest, graciously … Continue reading

Today, we pause

Can’t write about fishing or the outdoors today. I’m mourning for those who are victims of senseless crimes, committed by senseless, cowardly, lost people. Our hearts go out to the police officers and their families for what happened Sunday.  I pray for police, law enforcement and first responders — the daily backbone of our civilized … Continue reading

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