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They got their jig on…

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Seems like everybody had a good time at the “Get Your Jig On” crappie tournament this past weekend out at Alabama Landing. Except one group.

The crappie.

But they did end up being the only cool ones out on the Ouachita River at the high-noon weigh in. They were in a huge ice chest, graciously donated to the Hunters for Heroes group for a future fish fry for our veterans.

Oh, yes, you wanted to know about the winners:

The winners of the….. ” Get Ur Jig On “
1st      Paul Smith and Steve Thurston              10.35
2nd    Jessie Miletello  and Jeff Luellen              8.20
3rd     Patrick Matthews and Nick Young            7.50
4th     Joshua Maxwell and Warren Maxwell       7.38
5th     Phil Crawford and Ashley Crawford           6.83

Big fish     Paul Smith Steve Thurston                    1.91
Dink fish  Gary Calloway & Kristy Hutto                 .12 *

    * Not visible in photo above because it allegedly was hiding behind an ice cube…



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