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A day for Kings

As you regular readers know, I devote Sunday’s post to a Bible verse and a brief commentary. Since Saturday was the “King of King” bass and crappie tournament on D’Arbonne, I thought it was a good time to remind folks of the real King of this world, and this simple, but true Psalm:

“For God is the King of all the earth;

sing to him a psalm of praise.”

— Psalm 47:7


And, I know you also want to know who won the “King” of D’Arbonne tournament Saturday, so here are those results.

photo 1-2 It’s a great story. For starters, more than 120 people entered the tournament despite a forecast of 90% chance of rain — which did not disappoint those who wanted to get wet, by the way! It was a one fish tournament with the biggest bass and crappie both taking a $500 first prize. Boats buzzed around all over the lake, but when it was all said and done, the biggest crappie of the day was caught by Andy Taylor, a local fishermen. His fish weighed 2.0 pounds.

It was caught off the bank.  It was caught on a shiner. In two feet of water. Andy and his dad had seen that you could fish in a boat or off the bank and decided to enter the tournament. About 8:30 a.m., with several tournament boats in plain sight, Taylor was talking to folks and noticed that his cork was no where to be found. After a few reels, he noticed  he had a pretty big one. When it swirled, he knew it was a good one, but he didn’t think it was big enough to win. In fact, it took some prodding from his dad to get him to even weigh it in. He did. And now he’s got bragging rights as the D’Arbonne Crappie King for a whole year! And $500. Congratulations!

On the bass side, the veteran bass fishing duo of Monk Anderson and Poochie Young brought the winning fish to the scales. It was a 6.84 lunker caught in shallow water. Anderson caught the fish and won $500 for his efforts. Congratulations! And congratulations to the Bayou State Crappie Association, the Union Chamber and Hunters for Heroes for coordinating the event. We’ll have more on the tournament on Monday.



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