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King of Kings Saturday

One fish. One big fish.

That’s all it will take for somebody to win $500 for the biggest white perch and $500 for the biggest bass in the first King of Kings tournament. The details are below. It should be a fun event. You can fish anywhere on the lake and the big fish in each category wins. Don’t forget. It’s a one pole, one fish tournament.  Weigh in will be at the new D’Arbonne Pointe facility just off the Ruston Hwy. west of Farmerville.

There’s a 90% chance of rain Saturday, which may dampen the “reign” of the new King. And I’m assuming that if a lady angler wins, the  title will be

This livewell full of crappie was caught this week on the 'Bone by Jeff McCain. Just one of them might be worth $500 in Saturday's tournament.

This livewell full of crappie was caught this week on the ‘Bone by Jeff McCain. Just one of them might be worth $500 in Saturday’s tournament.

appropriately changed to “Queen” of D’Arbonne. Right? Anyway, it should be a fun event and will offer a couple of great paydays to some local fishermen (or women…). The event is being coordinated by the local Chamber and the Bayou State Crappie Association.

A special feature of the tournament will be the combination of a Hunters for Heroes event where 30 area wounded warriors will be spending the weekend on the lake and taking part in the tournament with local fishermen. That’s pretty special! Lakedarbonnelife.com will be doing our part — we are cooking jambalaya for the vets and their guides Friday night. Hope they enjoy it! I wonder why they asked me to cook, but not be a guide.  Hmmmm….

Here’s more about the tournament:

1. Fishing will Begin at 6AM and End at 2PM, With Official Weigh-In Beginning at 2:30 PM. You must be checked into weigh-in registration line by 2:30 pm. You CAN weigh in at any time of the day.

2. This is a Live Fish Only Weigh-In (Fish must be Live at Registration Point for Weigh-In), fish passing this check point will be considered Live from that point forth.

3. Entry Fee for Ticket Voucher will be $20.00 per Individual (Ages 16 and Above). Anyone under the age of 16 will be eligible to participate (Free of Charge) for (1) separate prize designated for the Youth Only Participant with the largest crappie. Youth must be accompanied by an adult.

4. This is a SINGLE POLE EVENT, which means No More than One (1) Pole or (1) Rod can be used at any time during this event by an individual. Multiple Jigs or Multiple Live Bait presentations on a single pole will be allowed with no restrictions.

5. This is a Lake D’Arbonne ONLY Event and all Crappie/Bass caught and Considered for Weigh-In must be caught on Lake D’Arbonne.

6. Contestants must follow ALL Louisiana Game and Fish Laws, as designated by the Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries. Sportsman Like Conduct shall be expected from all Contestants. Please Respect other non-event individuals that will be sharing the waterways during this event. Any Violations will be grounds for Disqualification from the event!

7. We ENCOURAGE the RELEASE of all Live Fish back into Lake D’Arbonne, however the Contestant will retain complete ownership of the fish at all times.

Check out all the details on  http://www.darbonne-sportsmans-expo.com/

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 7.40.23 AM


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