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Shhhhh!!!! Please don’t tell ANYBODY!

I shouldn’t share this, but since I’m a nice guy….

tvApparently, there’s a lure out there that ANYBODY can catch ANY fish on in ANY condition. I found out it Monday while I was forced away from my rigorous outdoor routine by a flash thunderstorm. After almost deciding to keep this information to myself, I decided that just wouldn’t be the right thing to do. Besides, since it was on TV, somebody else probably saw it, too.  I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of TV lures and thought they were gimmicks — like the Flying lure, Helicopter lures, Banjo Minnows that trigger a fish’s natural genetic response to bite and all kind of miracle lures. But none apparently are as good as this one.

It’s the Mighty Bite 100-piece-lifetime guaranteed-order-now-and-we’ll-double-it-for-free-anybody-anywhere-can-catch-fish-on-this fishing kit. 

It catches anything from bass, redfish, marlin, red snapper, trout, grouper . . .you name it. I know it is hard to believe and I haven’t actually fished with one, but hey, I saw it on TV. If it’s on TV, it must be true. A nice man named Jeff was so excited about it! I even recorded the show and watched it again the next day. They were still catching fish on it!

It’s so easy that Little George could even catch something on it, I believe. The man says all you have to do is tie it on the line, throw it in the water, pull it in and you catch fish. The fish can’t help it. The lure triggers their DNA to attack. Fish grab on to it and refuse to let go until you reel them in. There’s even a glow in the dark kit so you can, as they say on the show, “get the bite at night”.

I started to order some, but I don’t think it would be fair. The final thing that helped me reach that decision was the fact that “the lure actually feels like a live fish on your rod”. Wow. I would tell you how to order one, but it wouldn’t be fair to the fish either.



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