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Ducks, heroes and more ducks…

duckThey are back. And just in time. With college football over and good fishing weather a few weeks away, it’s good timing.  Duck Dynasty returns for Season Five tonight at 9 p.m. ( Wednesday) on the Eat Crow Channel. I mean A&E….

The show will feature Willie’s daughter Rebecca, fresh from graduating college and an internship in Los Angeles. Of course, Willie plays super Dad and tries to help her earn her keep at home. Then, Uncle Si gets Si-ick and gets Nurse Kay to take care of him. When Phil discovers Si’s icky and sticking around a while, he gets his feathers ruffled.  And there’s lots more…  Here’s an easy prediction: This should be the most watched episode since the flack around Phil has slid on by, like….yep…water off a duck’s back.  Quack Quack. Quack.  That’s duck for Happy. Happy. Happy.

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In yesterday’s article, “Hunt like a hero“,  we wrote about the most recent Louisiana Hunters for Heroes duck hunt held near Mer Rouge. Like any good fishing or hunting story, you need pictures to back up your tales. So here’s proof!

Red Mauck

Red Mauck

If you want to know more about LHH, contact them at 318-278-2909 or email at lahuntersforheroes@gmail.com. The mailing address is 347 Moseley’s Bluff Rd, Downsville, LA 71234. They are always in need of donations and sponsors, so if you believe in what they are doing, help them out! Any checks should be made to North American Hunters for Heroes. All money is used in the state in which it is donated.

Daniel Cothren

Daniel Cothren

Phillip Whitty

Phillip Whitty

Steve Keller

Steve Keller


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