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Gun rights in the news

There is a lot of news on the “guns and arms” front lately and none of it involves hunting. Well, not directly. First,  Louisiana voters recently overwhelmingly approved a proposed constitutional amendment giving Louisiana the strongest gun laws in the nation. This is the first “strict scrutiny” law passed in the nation.  Amendment 2 passed … Continue reading

Good advice from the LDWF

This reminder from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries:  Most hunters are aware of the need to safely handle their firearms, but too often hunters overlook basic treestand safety.  According to the Treestand Manufacturer’s Association (TMA), one out of three treestand hunters will fall from a treestand during their lifetime and require medical treatment. … Continue reading

Da Thurdy Point Buck!

My apologies for the Yooper * – ism’s, but it just wouldn’t be deer season without an annual listen to… DA THURDY POINT BUCK! * Yooper, by the way, is a common dialect of the upper peninsula of Michigan and northern Wisconsin. Hey, you won’t hear it spoken on Duck Dynasty for sure…And a word … Continue reading

Da bears

This is one where pictures can tell the story better than I can. My friend Larry Fryday (not related to George’s brothers) sent me this hilarious picture taken at a deer feeders.  If you are a deer hunter and mess with feeders, you probably have stories similar to this with other animals rather than deer.  … Continue reading

We’ve had better

George and I managed to sneak in a short fishing trip. I’ll say this, we’ve had better. The best thing I can say about it is, “A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work”. However, it wasn’t that bad. We spent a good bit of time trolling around some humps in … Continue reading

Close encounter

Bob Mitcham has been fishing D’Arbonne for, well, I’ll let him tell you how long. Last week he spent the day his 90-year old fishing buddy Ray Moore. They caught about seven bass and had a great day. Except on the way home. I’ll let him tell the story: “While making the run up Little … Continue reading

Real peace

I’ve never caught a 10 pound largemouth bass. I’ve come close, but unless it was one of a very few really big bass I’ve caught in the early spring and released without weighing it, I’ve never done it.  Several people fishing with me have. A friend has. A partner in a fishing tournament did. My … Continue reading

Keep your fingers crossed

Two quick things today: 1) Thank goodness we don’t have moose down here. 2) Keep your fingers crossed and hope the deer around here don’t get wind of this:

No trip, by George

A reader emailed and asked why I haven’t reported on a fishing trip with George this week. We’ll the truth is, we just didn’t get to go. It was one of those weeks when things just didn’t align. For starters, my boat’s been in the shop getting a new depth finder with the transducer mounted … Continue reading

D’Arbonne drawdown update

The spillway gates on Lake D’Arbonne have been closed and will stay closed unless substantial rain raises the lake more than a few inches. The lake stands at 75.05 feet, almost five feet below the lake’s normal 80 foot pool stage. That was the target set by the Lake Commission. Several of the major ramps … Continue reading

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