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Real peace

I’ve never caught a 10 pound largemouth bass. I’ve come close, but unless it was one of a very few really big bass I’ve caught in the early spring and released without weighing it, I’ve never done it.  Several people fishing with me have. A friend has. A partner in a fishing tournament did. My father-in-law added to the list, all catching a 10 pounder or better while we were on fishing trips together.

One time at Toledo Bend years ago, I hooked a bass on a bream colored Balsa B that was obviously well over 10 pounds. It rolled several times and showed it’s massive girth. I played it and played it, but as I brought it beside the boat to try and net it, it made one last powerful surge and pulled the hook right out of its jaw.  Losing that fish made me sick. I couldn’t even sleep that night. I’ve seen that fish get away probably 100 times in my mind. Make that 101. I just did it again!

Fishing shouldn’t be so stressful. I mean what’s next, people losing sleep over some silly football game? Needless to say, after that loss, I found peace with myself and resumed my somewhat un-illustrious fishing career.

Life throws us some pretty tough moments, too. Many of them are really serious – personal losses that are just hard to deal with. That list is long. And these days, it seems like it is getting longer. Life can knock you down. You just have to keep getting up. Easier said than done. However, there’s only one way I truly know how to deal with real life situations that bring me down and challenge the joy in life. You’ll find the solution below:

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.– Phillipians 4:7


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