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No trip, by George

A reader emailed and asked why I haven’t reported on a fishing trip with George this week. We’ll the truth is, we just didn’t get to go. It was one of those weeks when things just didn’t align.

For starters, my boat’s been in the shop getting a new depth finder with the transducer mounted on the trolling motor so I can see how deep it is right where I’m fishing (just in case I fall in, I guess). Second, George has been too busy.  As you know, I’ve said I think George is in the witness protection program. That’s why I can’t run his picture without blurring out his face. And I can’t use his real name.

He didn’t say for sure, but we may have slipped up anyway. He sold his house and moved suddenly last week. He is temporarily moving into an old Pool Hall or something like that while “they” get him a new house ready. I don’t ask too many questions. And George’s wife isn’t speaking to me. On top of that, George’s boat is in storage somewhere and he says he can’t even get to it to get his fishing gear. I’ve got and old Zebco 33 and 5’6” Ted Williams fiberglass rod that I got from Gene’s Sporting Goods in 1962 and I told him he could borrow it. But I guess he needs bait, too.

There’s more. His older brother Larry and his much older brother Larry both took off and went trout fishing way up north in Arkansas last week, leaving George to run the family business. I didn’t hear if they caught any fish or not, but the younger Larry did text us that he broke his new $700 bamboo fly rod.  With all the cane growing around here, I don’t know why he would BUY a fly rod to start with, much less pay $700 for it. Maybe it used to belong to Bill Clinton or Houston Nutt or somebody famous. I don’t know.

Anyway, that’s the fishing story for George and me this week. The fish were safe. We’ll try again shortly. I’m sure it will be worth the wait.


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