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Da bears

This is one where pictures can tell the story better than I can.

My friend Larry Fryday (not related to George’s brothers) sent me this hilarious picture taken at a deer feeders.  If you are a deer hunter and mess with feeders, you probably have stories similar to this with other animals rather than deer.  If you have cameras on your feeders, you probably have a LOT of stories similar to this. I’ve seen deer, coons, opossums, bears, coyotes, turkeys — even an alligator — in deer feeder photos.

But this one is different. Since the state and federal wildlife folks have been introducing black bears into just about every area they think can support them, there have been lots of run-ins and sightings of bears. You can’t shoot one, and they seem to know it. They certainly know what’s in the big black barrels.  And they are pretty brazen. But this is one smart bear. This takes the cake (or corn, as it may be).

Apparently the automatic timer on this feeder is set a little too early in the morning, so the bear is trying to set the timer for a little later in the day so he can get more sleep.  Or, he’s setting it to disperse the “deer” corn for just a bit longer.  Either way, what else can I say?


One thought on “Da bears

  1. Just a reminder to everyone with game cameras: You can enter your unique shots (like this bear pic) in the Sportsman’s Expo Wildlife Photo Contest that is held in September (watch for details from the Union Parish Chamber of Commerce). Love this photo. We don’t have bears at our feeders, but we do have really smart raccoons who climb up and spin the dispersal mechanism, scattering lots more corn.

    Posted by J Jones | November 14, 2012, 12:3611:47 am

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