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Close encounter

Bob Mitcham has been fishing D’Arbonne for, well, I’ll let him tell you how long. Last week he spent the day his 90-year old fishing buddy Ray Moore. They caught about seven bass and had a great day. Except on the way home. I’ll let him tell the story:

“While making the run up Little D’Arbonne that I’ve probably made at least 500 times in the 40 something years of fishing there, we found a new stump. While nearing the sharp “S-curve” about a half mile below Rattlesnake Bend (state park area) we hit the stump which was about 1 inch above the water and my 50

There’s lots more of these beauties right below the surface in Lake D’Arbonne

h.p. Merc didn’t take it too well. We were able to get back to the landing on Hwy 2 with my pride damaged as bad as my outboard….I reported the obstruction to Steve Cagle on the lake commission and he said they would try to cut it while doing work along the channel.” Bad for the motor, but good that they stayed in the boat and made it home to tell about it.

Many of you will remember Bob from years back when he rode to every little country store in the area and filled the racks with fishing hooks, corks, cricket boxes, sinkers and the like. His business was “Hook, Line & Sinker” and he sold a ton of them over the years. I rode the route with him one hot summer day and he had everything on that truck. Everything, that is, except an air conditioner.

Bob’s not the only one that can tell the stump story the past few weeks. I was sitting on the back porch looking out over the lake one day last week and heard someone in a big rig running wide open down the lake.  All of a sudden the hum of the big engine was halted with a loud “whooompph”. Then there was silence.  Somewhere a marine dealer smiled. Can you say “new lower unit”? The lake’s still extremely low. Just because a boat lane is marked doesn’t mean it’s a boat lane right now. Use caution. Take your time.  Or get the number of your marine dealer on speed dial.

special note: Catch us on Glynn Harris Outdoors on ESPN 97.7 at 4:15  Tuesday afternoon. If you aren’t by the radio, you can go to the website and listen at espn977.com. Glynn and I have both been around the outdoors and outdoor writing a long time.  Hope you get to listen. He’s on every Tuesday at 4:15, but unless he gets the Duck Commander to debate Bill Dance on hunting vs. fishing with Kevin Van Dam as the moderator, how can it get any better than the two of us?



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