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A very special deer

Editor’s note:

Today we turn the blog over to my oldest grandson, 10-year-old William. Here’s his Happy New Year story).

“My First Kill”

by William Haddox

I will never forget the day I shot my first deer. It was a very cold morning and I made my way to the deer stand with my dad. I had been hunting the last few days and hadn’t had a lot of luck. I wasn’t very confident that I would see anything. After a few hours and a little nap, we decided to pack up and head back to camp.

All of a sudden my dad said, “Wait! Don’t move!”

Then a huge 7 point buck came walking down the trail. My heart was pounding. I felt nervous and excited at the same time. I had to wait and shoot while it was standing broadside. My dad said to take a deep breath and pull the trigger.


I missed.

But the deer didn’t move. Was this real life? I reloaded, got my arm right and pulled the trigger. I hit it right in the spinal cord and it dropped dead in its tracks. Mr. Trey, I thank you so much for letting me come to your deer camp. Because of you, I got to kill my first deer.


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