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Union deer contest has new leader

There’s a new leader in the K&M big deer contest for Union Parish. It’s a huge deer for the piney woods of Union Parish. Congrats to David Smith, whose deer is the new leader in Union Parish BIg Buck contest:

159 2/8

You can find out more info about the contest and the prizes at K&M Coffee, Corks & Camo. Sporting Greg Hicks, of Antlers & Hicks, scored the deer and offered this great explanation of what makes a big deer OFFICIALLY a big deer and not just a guess:

From Greg: “Had a good night of scoring yesterday at K & M . The first one proves a point I tell people all the time; just because it looks like a certain size deer, doesn’t mean it is. Turns out the mainframe 8 with 4 irregular points is 159 2/8”. The mainbeams are 24” & 23 1/8”, the 2’s are 13 & 13 1/8”, 3’s are 11 & 11 4/8”, five of the eight circumference measurements are over 4”, and the spread is 18 1/8”. Incredible for the pine hills of Union Parish.

For those with questions about what 2’s and 3’s are, I’ve also included a picture. The yellow arrows are pointing at the 2’s and the red arrows are pointing at the 3’s. The second deer is from North Louisiana public land (and that’s all I’ll say 😉). Main beams are 24 5/8” & 23”, outstanding brow tines that are over 7” each, good tine length (the 2’s & 3’s were from 9” to 7”), 16 1/8” of irregular measurements, but it’s the circumference measurements that get this deer up there. Seven of the eight circumference measurements are over 4” (two of them are the bases that go 5 1/8 & 5 2/8” respectfully). Total on this deer is 165 5/8”.”

You can follow Greg on his Facebook page and see all kinds of neat photos, writeups and videos. And you can even buy neat H&A t-shirt, too.


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