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Keeping an eye on the deer

Are you keeping an eye on the deer?

Game cameras have changed the way we hunt deer for the most part. Some think they give the hunters an unfair advantage when you can see what deer are coming to your feeder or stand and at what time. But for the most part, they can help, but they are no guarantee of success.

In fact, there are a whole lot of deer that like to have their picture taken walking in the woods that never get their picture made laying on the ground by the hunter that killed them. Some of them just seem to disappear during the season.

But most hunters will agree, they do help figure out what deer are in your neck of the woods and give you a pretty good pattern of what they are doing.

If you haven’t already put out cameras, it isn’t too late. This time of year they change their patterns and the type of company they keep. If there is one tip that most successful hunters all agree on, it’s don’t push yourself too far into the woods where the big bucks lay up. If you intrude on his “safe zone”, he is much less likely to come out during daylight hours during the season. And don’t kid yourself, when they start hearing four-wheelers burn up the trails and rice and corn starts showing up in big piles all over the place, they know something is up.

Be smart. And keep an eye on the deer.


One thought on “Keeping an eye on the deer

  1. Watched two beautiful does walking the fence line in the back at near dusk today.

    Posted by Sue Dannenmueller | November 9, 2020, 12:3611:52 pm

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