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Senses of Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for? My list is long and one thing on it is this great piece of writing from Union Parish resident Kelby Ouchley, who wrote the following Thanksgiving message. Writing from the heart is easy to spot. This is it. Thanks for letting us share it, Kelby. He has written several books … Continue reading

Get out and fish!

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is offering a unique, incentive-based fishing experience with its 2020 Get Out and Fish! Derby during Thanksgiving week. Anglers can catch and report tagged catfish beginning Saturday, Nov. 21, through Sunday, Nov. 29, at a Get Out and Fish! site to receive a fishing prize pack from LWDF. … Continue reading

K&M scoring big time!

K&M Coffee, Corks and Camo isn’t just a bait stand on the shores of Lake D’Arbonne where you can stop and pick up some shiners, crickets and a bag of ice. Oh sure, you can do that, too. It’s a one-stop sportsman’s shopping spot plus a great place to eat. It’s the kind of place … Continue reading

Crappie.com weekend

Don’t forget this weekend’s big crappie.com gathering at the Lake D’Arbonne State Park. Even if you don’t want to fish, grab a little something to eat and come visit with some of the area’s crappie fishermen and have a good time. The gathering is Nov 12..13..14, 2020 at Lake Darbonne State Park! Every year on … Continue reading

Keeping an eye on the deer

Are you keeping an eye on the deer? Game cameras have changed the way we hunt deer for the most part. Some think they give the hunters an unfair advantage when you can see what deer are coming to your feeder or stand and at what time. But for the most part, they can help, … Continue reading

We need the truth

Crappie.com’ers a comin’

Today we turn over the keyboard to Joshua Maxwell (aka “Juicy”…cause all the crappie.com guys have nicknames) to tell you about the upcoming weekend’s Crappie.com shindig at the D’Arbonne State Park! “Team Overalls here and we wanted to let everyone know one of the most exciting times of our year is the annual crappie.com gathering … Continue reading

The way we were

Somebody shared this on Facebook a while back and I never got to share it with you. It’s pretty neat. A look at the public landing beside the old Jake’s on Lake D’Arbonne back when the lake first opened in the early 1960’s. My first thought was “I wonder if there are stumps from those … Continue reading

Avian Antifa & Halloween

It’s trick or treat, right out of the horror film, “The Birds”. And just in time for Halloween. It’s the Avian Antifa and they are terrorizing the poor fish on D’Arbonne and other area lakes. The Avian Antifa are hundreds of migrating, protected birds — huge fluffy white pelicans and ugly spear beaked black cormorants. … Continue reading

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Dusty Gates, Union Parish Sheriff

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