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Wow! Just Wow!

It’s pretty awesome when you are a good enough fishermen to make armchair fishermen wonder on Facebook if your fish pictures are “photoshopped” or something. Trey Bayles is one of those first guys — a fisherman with the amazing ability to catch big bass consistently. His lunker largemouth catches are well documented. And yes, they are real.

Here’s the latest. Earlier this week, the 31-year-old West Monroe angler yanked dozens of big bass out of one spot on Caney Lake. He knew when he puled up on the spot and saw the fish on his electronics, he was, in his words, “about to have a whole lot of fun”. Five of the biggest ones he kept for pictures weighed 36 pounds “and some change”.

His catch came on a little creek hole where he’s caught several big fish. The area is boosted as a bass haven because there is a bunch of grass on both sides of a little drain. As the area started to show up on his side scan, he said, “It was pretty remarkable,” he said. “There wasn’t just one or two big bass down there. there must have been 100. It was remarkable, pretty remarkable. I knew what was about to happen.”

At the end of an hour’s fishing, Trey had put five of the biggest fish in the livewell to see what kind of total weight he could get to. When a friend came by at the end of the trip, they weighed the total bag at 36 pounds “and some change”, Trey said. He caught them on a deep-diving crank bait and can’t say much more right now because he has a couple of tournaments coming up.

He caught 15 in a row over five pounds and finally had to make himself quit. Whether they’ll be around for his tournaments or not, who knows. But his amazing catch was done!

“It was just like a dream come true,” he said. These big fish are all over the area, but it turned really cold two nights earlier this week. I think that pulled the fish out of the grass and onto this little creek drain. It’s a natural staging area for fish that are getting close to the spawn. In addition to that, there was a huge school of baitfish showing right there as well. I just happened to roll up on the right spot at the right time.”

Most people would consider that a “once in a lifetime” catch. Not Trey. He did the same thing about the same time last year, weighing in five monsters that weighed 38 pounds on Caney. Wow. Just Wow. Congratulations, young man!


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