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Lake life

Hmmm…Maybe this one?

Let me see, which one will it be? Maybe this one. No, wait, this one.

I don’t know if you are like me or not, but I have a hard time choosing what color and style of crappie bait to try first this time of year. Do I pick one that I think looks good, or one that the crappie think looks good? Hmmm.

To make things worse, there’s Kenny Kavanaugh standing in front of what looks like 100 yards of Bobby Garland crappie tails on the back wall of K&M Coffee, Corks & Camo on Lake D’Arbonne trying to make things worse. They’ve got pretty much anything they make to catch fishermen and fish. Let’s see, I’ll take two of these and three of these and one of these. . . and hey, there’s only one of these left so that must be what they are biting? right? And while you are there trying to figure out what the fish will eat, check out their new food items for fishermen. Hey, if the fish won’t eat, we surely can. Right?


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