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Graveyard bass wakes up

Sorry, coffee drinkers. The best part of waking up is NOT having Folgers in your cup. It’s having a monster bass on your line.

Corey Harris and his Monday 13.57

Just ask Corey Harris of Chatham. He got off the graveyard shift at the papermill and drove home Monday morning, thinking he had just enough time to hook up his boat and head down to Caney Lake from his home neear the lake. He knew a big front was coming, but hoped the bass would bite.

The bass ended up being one bass. Singular. But what a hum dinger! Harris landed a 13.57 largemouth on a little underwater hump by the creek channel just a few minutes after he started fishing. He had thrown his green pumpkin jig out across the flat a few times with no luck. Then, after he trolled across it and started to head for another spot, he turned around and threw back across the hump one more time.

Bam! The big sister nailed it. When he landed the big fish, it was, as he called it, a “Wow” moment. He was able to find a friend with certified scales and weighed up the monster. Then he released it back into the lake. Before he could even get back fishing, the man who weighed the fish posted it on Facebook.

Harris’ phone lit up like the Washington National Christmas Tree. Finally, he decided to just call it a morning and not even fish anymore. He was satisfied with his catch — the largest largemouth he’s ever landed.

Thanks for sharing your story, Corey. Now get some rest.


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