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Antlers and Hicks

Hey, you wanna see some cool video deer stories and photos and keep up with the Union Parish Big Buck Contest?

Go to Facebook and check out Antlers and Hicks. Greg Hicks is in the deer scoring rut this time of year — wandering the woods and fields looking for hunters who have taken big buck racks so he can score them and share the stories.

And by the way, if you are wondering how the contest is going, here’s one of Greg’s recent posts:

Greg Hicks

The 2019 Union Parish Big Buck Contest is entering the half way mark and still going strong! I grew up with Benji & Jessica Rosson in Farmerville and in the last few years I’ve gotten to know their boys Waylon and Ben; these two young men really enjoy the outdoors. Just a few days ago Ben shot this nice 8 point and let me tell you, the story is crazy! The deer rack is absolutely beautiful, with thick bases and long tines.

Special thanks to Yates & Booth Realty for allowing us to use their covered area to score. Be sure you have a ticket for the contest y’all! K&M Corks & Camo, North Point Feed, Thomas Nursery, Deans Processing, Rocky Branch Processing, The Dubach Deer Factory, and the Union Parish Chamber of Commerce all have tickets. You can also contact Peyton McKinnie or Bill Breed and they can hook you up as well.

1st place Andy Harrison 148”
2nd place Mike Colvin 144 5/8”
3rd place Patrick Anderson 139”
Stanley Lenard 137 3/8”
Dawson Barkley 132 2/8”
Ben Rosson 130 4/8”
Sonya Modisette 126 4/8”
Chance Canterberry 125 3/8
Kent Berry 124 0/8”
Landon Carpenter 123 5/8”


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