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Pumped up over Bussey

Somewhere up there in the upper center of this photo, you can see the white foam at the end of the pipe that is pulling water into Bussey Brake. The lake has been closed for over eight years and is being reborn as a prime fishing spot north of Bastrop.

As events go, it was an event that would be stretching to reach a 1 on a scale of 10. A few guys with a wrench, some gloves, a big electric pump and a bayou full of water.

Then, they flipped the switch. The motor ran, the pumped began working and the guys ran across the road and looked toward the end of the big pipe running out into shallow water grown up with willow bushes and all kinds of vegetation formerly known as Bussey Brake north of Bastrop.

More simply put, the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries turned on the pump to begin refilling Bussey Brake late last week. It wasn’t a monumental thing. Yet, it was. There were no press or dignitaries there, well, unless you count me ( as Press, I mean ). But the water flowed. Faces smiled. It has begun. You couldn’t see water flowing out because the end of the pipe was underwater, but you could hear the “swoosh” and see the white foam forming on the water’s surface as the current moved into the Brake. It left me pumped up over Bussey and it’s future!

The rest of the story is this is one of the final steps to put Bussey Brake back on the northeast Louisiana fishing map. It’ll take a while to fill up — probably three months or longer even if things go well to fill up the 2,200 acre reservoir. But it has started. It will be spring before the lake is ready to open to the public, but here’s hoping it goes well. A lot of improvements have been made in the lake and all the new growth will make it like a new lake. It’s already been stocked with some fish and will receive more. But take note: the area is closed to the public and there is no fishing or hunting allowed at this time. I hope every angler and citizen in the area will help the LDWF keep an eye on the place and report any malicious or suspicious activity.

We thought you guys and gals that are looking forward to fishing the lake again would like to know. Make Bussey Brake Great Again.

This is the pumphouse where water is being lifted out of Bayou Bartholomew and pumped into Bussey Brake


5 thoughts on “Pumped up over Bussey

  1. I know. It ran about a day, then got full of trash. They have put a new screen over the intake and started it again. I’ve heard it is running now, but they don’t want to talk about it. I guess if it would have taken me this long, I wouldn’t want to talk about it either. -KH

    Posted by darbone1 | January 4, 2020, 12:364:40 pm
  2. After reading “Pumped up over Bussey”, I was so “Pumped UP” that the long promised completion would be realized by late spring
    Since the article, I’ve visited Bussey numerous (over six) times to check the water level. Other than rain water and its runoff adding a smidgen to the water level, I haven’t found the pump to be operating. No “White Foam” caused by pumping was to be seen.
    So, it seems the LDWF personnel turned the lifting pump on only to facilitate making the photo and immediately turned the pump off. At the current rate of “pumping” activity, it is very doubtful that Bussey will be ready this spring or this year. Maybe next year……………………………………………………..?

    Posted by Bastrop Bill | January 3, 2020, 12:366:32 pm
  3. The Guys On Crappie Dot Com will visit the lake when ready to open — thanks for keeping the updates all these Years

    Posted by Larry Nichols | December 1, 2019, 12:3612:34 pm
  4. I’m glad to see it finall happening.We’ve been put off and put off,should have been done a couple years ago.Of course this is North Louisiana,if we were below Alexandria it would have been already completed.We’ll take what we can get,it’s going to be Good again.

    Posted by Brad Risinger | November 11, 2019, 12:3610:41 pm
  5. Sure does make me happy! My dad, now deceased, was in on the beginning of Bussey back in the ‘50s. Thanks for sharing this! Keep us posted.

    Posted by Zanona Houston Rogers | November 11, 2019, 12:363:58 am

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