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“Vacation” with Tyler Stewart

You would have to experience the grind of pro bass fishing first hand to really understand what it is really like. Oh sure, on the surface, it sounds great. Get up and go fishing every day. Travel around to new lakes every week. Get free rods and reels and baits and fishing caps. Have sponsors help pay your way… Oh boy!

But the reality of it is much different. Professional bass fishing isn’t for the weak of heart. It is physically and mentally demanding. You have to get up early, stay up late fixing and laying out gear and going out in some conditions that would make a weatherman go and hide. You forget what sleeping in your own bed feels like. And, in order to be able to continue to pursue it, you have to find some measure of success. That isn’t easy since there are 200 or so other great fishermen out there trying to knock you off the grandstand.

West Monroe’s Tyler Stewart has experienced both the frustration and the success of pro fishing so far in the middle of his second year looking for ba$$ with dollar sign$ on their back. Most recently, he’s finished in 30th place on the FLW tour on Grand Lake and in 37th on Lake Chickamauga. Tyler said the biggest challenge he has faced on the pro tour is overcoming the “dock talk” and sticking to his own strengths. There is always “a lot of noise” and he just had to learn to block that out and fish to his style of fishing.

So now, he’s home on vacation for about six weeks before the next pro event. So what’s he doing?

“I’m booking people right now to go bass fishing on guide trips at Caney Lake,” he said. “I hope I get to fish every day.”

So much for that vacation.

Tyler also does what he calls an on-the-water electronics seminar on his Lawrence electronics for fishermen who have some of the latest and greatest electronics on their boats, but don’t know how to get the most out of them. If you’ve spent big bucks on great electronics, spending a day under Professor Stewart is one of the best deals in fishing today. I’ve seen first hand when it puts his piscatorial knowledge to work. Making a trip with him is an excellent opportunity to combine fun on the water and some informative insight into bass fishing.

“Believe it or not, I had almost as many of those electronics seminar trips last year as I did regular guide trips,” said the former ULM Bass Team champion.

You can get in touch with Tyler by texting him at 318-267-6757, on Facebook or email him at tylerstewart9990@yahoo.com

“The good news is that the fish on Caney are in the process of moving back out and grouping up offshore,” he says. “The next few weeks will be great for locating them on your electronics and catching some really good fish.”

And, of course, enjoying your vacation.

See the fish? Maybe Tyler can teach you to…


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