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Can you bleat this?

I spend a lot of time talking to some really good — and successful deer hunters. A lot of them don’t make headlines or kill the biggest buck in America, but there is a little secret weapon that a lot of them have. Some of them don’t talk about it, but others do.

Its the little Primos Original Can Bleat. It’s a little call that looks like a toy. You turn it upside down and it makes a bleating sound like a deer. Sometimes doe respond to it, thinking it’s a young one in distress. But mostly, folks tell me that it is bucks that respond. They often come fast, quick and in a hurry. As it says on the can, they bleat “speaks their language”.

Using the bleat call correctly is important. The most common way is to flip the can and make two quick bleats, then wait about 30 seconds and do one more long bleat. If a buck doesn’t respond in about 10 minutes, there probably isn’t one around. This is especially effective in the rut. It’s not too late to pick one up and give it a try. According to a growing number of folks, when it comes to a deer hunting secret weapon, you can’t “bleat” it. Wait, yes you “can”….


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