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Lake life

Hunter…. or hunted?

This is why I’ve decided to spend more time fishing and less time — much less time — hunting. . .

  Thanks, Greg Hicks, for letting us share your story with our readers!

“I took this video Thursday evening before one of the most unique experiences that I’ve ever had in the woods. Years ago when hunting with Lucien Savage, he said “There ain’t nothing in these woods that will get you. These animals are more scared of you than you are of them” and I’ve hunted since then with that mentality. Coyotes are just a normal occurrence in Union Parish. Something you learn to deal with. So when they started up, it wasn’t very alarming and I blew it off. Just before dark a doe and yearling came in to feed on acorns and I gave them a pass because I’m so far back in the woods that I’m not packing anything other than a buck out of here (a bit over one mile from the truck). I waited until dark dark to get down so I wouldn’t spook the deer in the area and set out for the truck, gps leading me the whole way because I get bad turned around in the dark. Just up ahead I could see a eyeball glowing and could tell it was a good size animal. I thought it was a deer. Nope. When I got closer, these animals flushed out of a treetop that had fallen last year and that’s when all heck broke loose.

These things started grunting and snorting deep. Like DEEP! That’s when I realized it was hogs. No problem right? They’ll spook when I make it know I’m a human. So I holler out and wave my hand in front of my headlight for reference. A few of them spooked but the deep sounding hogs were still there. And then they got louder. And faster. And they started snorting. Keep in mind I’m 50 yards or so away and they’re behind this tree top the whole time. I can’t see them but I can sure hear them. I hollered again and they didn’t budge. That’s when I thought to myself “Greg Hicks, you’re a mile from the truck. It’s 730 at night. You have four Rage broadheads and a Kershaw pocket knife. They’re standing their ground for a reason. Prolly best to just give them space” so I did. I went to make a loop around them and one of them either spooked or was trying to flank me. Idk but he got cussed out and I was tired of this mess. 😂😂😂 I ended up walking about 100 yards around them and made it out without any problems. I’ve never ever lost my confidence that I was the apex predator in this area before, but I did in the Big Cane bottom at 7:30 PM. I believe from now on I’ll be holding that S&W coming out when I’m bow hunting.

NOTE: Turn up the volume and listen to the coyote talk…




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