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Yes, we have no bananas

No kidding — this comes straight from Snopes, the world’s leading authority on everything when you can’t trust what you’ve heard from CNN, politicians or your friends on the Facebook!

We can’t say how far back this superstition goes, but at least among sport fishermen there exists a belief that bananas on a boat are unlucky. Bananas are deemed unlucky by recreational fishermen. Usually this rumor takes the form of the fish not biting on the day when bananas were discovered onboard, but mechanical breakdowns and other mishaps are also pointed to. Some in the fishing charters business extend their distaste for the fruit to include not only banana ingestibles (fresh or dried chips of banana, banana muffins, plus anything banana flavored) but even to items bearing the word “banana” or anything evocative of it, such as Fruit of the Loom underwear, Banana Republic apparel, and Banana Boat sunscreen.”

But there is hope.

I was out with a fishing buddy the other day on D’Arbonne and he pulled a big red apple out of his lunch bag. Every time he took a bite of it, we caught a big crappie. One time he got excited grabbing the net for one of my many slab crappie and almost got choked.

“Don’t spit it out. Don’t spit it out”, I yelled. I was talking to my buddy, not the fish.  He didn’t. Neither did the fish.  And we kept catching them until he ate the last apple.





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