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Bream or bust

Conversation with my down-the-street neighbor, Randy Tucker… Hey Randy, want to go catch some two pound crappie?       “Naw, I think I’ll pass” How about we go try to catch a 10 pound bass?      “I don’t think so. Thanks for asking” Well Randy, let’s go eat a big ribeye steak and a lobster, how … Continue reading

What is that down there?

These days you can spend thousands of dollars on depth finders, today called “fishing electronics” and see just about anything on the bottom of the lake or anywhere inbetween the bottom of your boat and the bottom of the lake. It’s amazing. You can even get “side imaging” and look out beside your boat. No … Continue reading

It was Tyler Wheeler’s Day!

Tyler Wheeler moved around in the crowd, watching the fish come to the scales manned by tournament director Dale Taylor and chatting with all the folks around, just like everybody else Saturday at Ludwig’s Marine. It was amazing. He was just one of the guys. The fishing was tough. The big bass are still reeling … Continue reading

Pray for those that protect

Pray for those that protect you. How often? How often do you want them available to protect you, your family, your town, your country, your world? Pray especially for those in the military, trying to preserve freedom and human rights in this crazy world. So many have left their families, homes and country to do … Continue reading

Tyler Wheeler Tourney Saturday!

Even if they didn’t give a single prize this Saturday, the Tyler Wheeler Big Bass Tournament on Lake D’Arbonne would be a good deal. The event, Saturday, May 6, is to help raise money for expenses during his road of recovery. Tyler, A LDWF Agent was shot in the line of duty in January. This … Continue reading

A great C.A.S.T.

The Catch a Special Thrill (C.A.S.T.) tournament was a big success Saturday, as more than 100 people gathered to help a big group of special kids go fishing, boat riding and enjoy some good food at D’Arbonne Pointe. The event was made possible by a big group of volunteers and sponsors, and coordinated on the … Continue reading

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