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Part 3: 12 months of deer

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Use your time in the woods to double down looking for turkey and deer sign this time of year

This is part three in a series of monthly looks at things you can do to be a more successful deer hunter by taking care of business all year long. We asked Dan Preaus of Ruston to share some of his insights, tips and ideas in this new monthly lakedarbonnelife.com  feature.

Spring is here and so is turkey season. While the top priority for most people in the woods this time of year will be to harvest a gobbler, this time spent outdoors can still be very beneficial to you in your pursuit of the whitetail deer in the fall. You can learn a lot about screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-3-34-06-pmthe deer on the property you hunt.

If you’re like me, when you turkey hunt you generally end up covering a lot of ground so why not take full advantage of that. By paying attention and remembering to look for it, you’re likely to discover travel patterns, rub lines, and bedding areas that can be helpful information by the time deer season rolls around.

Also, you’d probably much rather be doing this sort of scouting now as opposed to once summer rolls around and the temperature is 95.

The woods will likely be full of hunters over the next few weeks, so whether you’re turkey hunting or scouting for deer or both, just remember to be safe and use a little extra caution when enjoying the great outdoors.

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