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Yes, this is so 80’s…

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Oh my. I’ve been chasing fish with words for  a long time.  More than 40 years to be almost exact. And yes,  this is so 80’s . . .

I’ve been blessed with some wonderful fishing times, experiences and memories. There aren’t many that can top the day featured in the video linked below from the  BASS Classic, though.

The year was 1980. The place was the St. Lawrence River in northern New York. It was another dimension, another time… As the video plays and you see Bo Dowden rolling up to the weigh-in at that year’s BASS Classic, you might want to pause it and pay particular attention to the handsome young guy in the camo jacket riding with him in the boat and snapping photos left and right ( ISO 400 speed black and white film for you old photo buffs; by the way a  note to Millennials . . . “Film” is something you used to put in a camera. Cameras are is what people took pictures with before iPhones).

Click on the link below to watch…. (published with an article by me last week on BASSMaster.com — The 2017 BASS Classic is this week in Houston).




One thought on “Yes, this is so 80’s…

  1. Great article, Kinny. I almost got sea-sick riding across the bay!

    Posted by Emil Turner | March 20, 2017, 12:3612:59 am

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