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12 months of deer season

Now, don’t get excited out there. You can NOT hunt deer 12 months a year. This is a series of monthly looks at things you can do to be a more successful deer hunter by taking care of business all year long. We asked Dan Preaus of Ruston to share some of his insights, tips and ideas in this new monthly lakedarbonnelife.com  feature. Take it away, Dan:

“If you’re a bow hunter, you still have a few days left to fill a tag and put some meat in the freezer. Once the last light fades on January 31st, you’ll have to wait another whole eight months to hunt the whitetail deer here in Louisiana.

For those that aren’t still out trying to harvest a deer, it’s a great time of year to consider


Dan Preaus

some other things that may give you an advantage for next season. You may want to keep your game cameras going in and around your food plots and feeders. It’s a way of taking inventory of what deer may have made it through the season and it can give you an idea of what you have to look forward to for next year. January is also a favorite time of year to get out in the woods and do some scouting. It’s amazing how different the terrain can look this time of year and how visible things are. The leaves are off the trees and most all of the greenery is gone due to the killing frosts allowing you to easily view what’s been taking place on the land you hunt.

You’ll notice deer sign or maybe even discover that “perfect” location for a stand that otherwise you may have overlooked. For the serious deer hunter this is sure to get your mind clicking on an idea for next season that could prove successful. One last thing, don’t forget to be aware of the ground around you. You may just be fortunate enough to come across a shed antler or two.”


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