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They’re coming: Crappie Masters

Wow. It’s just four weeks until the third annual Louisiana State Championship Crappie Masters tournament on Lake D’Arbonne in Farmerville. Crappie Masters held their first 2017 tour tournament in Florida this past weekend and have one more stop before coming here. But you can bet the excitement of the pro fishermen from all around the … Continue reading

One of the good ones

I met a lot of characters over the years as an outdoor writer. Outdoor types are for the most part, pretty much free spirits who pursue their interests with passion. Some might call the passion Crazy. Cliff Shelby was one of those dudes. I knew Cliff when we both lived in Monroe 100 years ago … Continue reading

Special gifts

Christmas is long gone, but here are some gifts that keep on giving. Keeping these in your personal “tackle box” will lead to a happier life and more enjoyable hunting and fishing, too…

12 months of deer season

Now, don’t get excited out there. You can NOT hunt deer 12 months a year. This is a series of monthly looks at things you can do to be a more successful deer hunter by taking care of business all year long. We asked Dan Preaus of Ruston to share some of his insights, tips … Continue reading

Duck wrap

Louisiana’s East Zone duck season is a wrap as the 60-day season closes at sunset Sunday.  It has been a pretty good one. The first split started off with lots of ducks and good success for hunters that had water. As the split wore on, it just got better and better. The second split has … Continue reading

Water…and boats

We’re doing a double take today. First water, then boats. WATER:    I gotta tell you, I was a bit worried about the late start in filling Lake D’Arbonne up after the recent drawdown. Now? As Crocodile Dundee says, “No worries, mate”. We’ve had a good bit of rain here, but special thanks to our friends … Continue reading

Crappie School-ing

Think you’ve got what it takes to go back to college? Bossier Parish Community College (BPCC) is offering a continuing education course called Crappie University with a new hook, literally, for anyone interested in crappie fishing, beginner to avid. Your professors will be a team of expert crappie fishing instructors. The 8-hour course encompasses four … Continue reading

All day long

She’s full…and then some

The slow rise on Lake D’Arbonne is over. She’s full…well almost. As of 8 p.m. Thursday night, the lake was at 79.82 feet, just inches shy of the 80 foot normal pool stage. It should hit the 80 foot mark sometime Friday  morning about the time you have your first cup of coffee. But there’s … Continue reading

Crappie On Overload

Remember when crappie fishing meant  a cane pole, minner bucket and maybe, just maybe, if you were a city slicker, you might even have had a trolling motor on your 14-foot aluminum john boat. Don’t lie. It hasn’t been that long ago… Well, welcome to 2017. We’re on crappie overload. And to me, that’s a … Continue reading

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