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Lake life

By George

For two years, I’ve been sharing stories with you about my fishing buddy George, who always seems to get front-ended or stung by yellow jackets or is two hours late when we go fishing. He’s in the witness protection program, you know, so I have to be careful about what I write and the photos we publish. I’ll admit, I’ve been rough on him at times (see a couple of the links at the end of this blog).

But I’ve always promised him a chance to write in this space about his own fishing adventure in his own words one day. Today is that day. It’s George’s turn. I didn’t change a word. Today’s Blog. By George:

“You’ve heard them all before.  “Winds outa the east, fishins the least”…”thundered last night, no way they gonna bite”… “can’t go tomorrow, my brother in law’s sister is coming in.”

All of the above are just  examples of what my fishing partner is really saying: ” I want to sleep in in the morning” (Yes he’s talking about me).

That’s where things were Saturday morning. I couldn’t budge him with a big John Deere tractor. Oh well, sometimes you just gotta ‘go it alone’. I loaded up my rod and a few plastic worms and off to my secret hole I went, all by my lonesome. I knew it was risky, without Kinny there would be no peanuts, cherry Dr. Peppers, or horrible fish stories of some imaginary time he had beaten me fishing. Come to think of it, this was looking like it might really be an enjoyable trip! 

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAOn the first cast I landed a small bass! I’ve never done that when Kinny was along. ( I’m talking about the small bass part.) On the 2nd cast I had a hit, but I wasn’t fast enough to land that one. No worries, the day was young and I could front end myself rather than watch his lure land right where I was aiming. Things slowed down a little after that but they were still interesting.

Just when I was starting to have second thoughts about going it alone, along came Spot. Spot had joined us before and I was glad to see him just for the company.  Spot would walk in front of me and keep the slithery creatures moved out. About that time I made a poor cast and backlashed really bad. All Spot did was wag his tail and grin, unlike my partner who would usually mutter something about rookies. Then I caught another fish. This time Spot really wagged his tail fast and let out a little yelp as if to say: “Good Job George!” Unlike my partners usual response: “you gonna keep that little fish?” I realized after I made a cast that missed a stick by 3 yards that all Spot did was wag and grin, no smirks or comments about how he would show me how if I ever wanted to learn. 

Old Spot turned out to be a pretty good partner. When I decided to head in he just turned and headed off to look for someone else to keep company. No excuses about having a Dentist appointment(on Saturday?), so I would need to clean the fish this time. I’m glad I decided to ‘go it alone’. Now I’ve got ammunition to use on Kinny for years to come. “

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