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Fish are in hot water!

You think YOU want it to cool off?

What about the fish? This was a snapshot of my depth finder Monday afternoon. Notice that little number below the 6.4 (that’s how deep the water was). That 93.2 F — that’s the water temperature.

There was a little group of something floating around about 3 feet deep shown as the “glob” over there near the right. Whatever it was, it didn’t want to bite a crappie jig. Might have been a school of shad. Might have been frog eggs. Might have been somebody’s half-sunk ski tube….Whatever it was, it was (they were)  hot.


Drawdown update: And yes, they pulled the plug on the lake today. Probably woke up a bunch of folks with the warning siren. But the tainter is open and the lake should fall 2-4 inches a day. Let’s hope they keep a close eye on it and NOT LET IT FALL TOO FAST.   That could do more harm than good.

If you go fish below the spillway in Bayou D’Arbonne, expect a crowd over the next few weeks. That fresh water and current will turn the fish on. And make SURE you stay away from the flow coming out of the lake. It can get dangerous. The area that is off limits is very well marked and law enforcement will be patrolling regularly. Just stay away. There aren’t any fish worth getting your fishing rig sunk or yourself drowned.

You can keep an eye on the falling lake level by clicking on the “Area lakes” tab in the middle right column of this page.







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