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Hunter pink?

Isn’t it refreshing to know that in the midst of the widely articulated falling financial sky in The Bayou State, previously known as the Sportsman’s Paradise (sorry, Prince fans…), our legislature took time to tackle a high level problem plaguing our deer woods.

Of course, I’m talking  Pink  vs.  Orange.

Our Louisiana Legislature Monday fully approved a bill that will allow hunters to wear florescent pink as an alternative to traditional hunter’s orange.

Louisiana law currently requires anyone hunting wildlife during open gun season to display at least 400 square inches of “hunter orange” as a safety precaution. Orange hats also can be worn to help satisfy the requirement. If our governor signs this, I guess it will be 400 inches of “hunter pink”.

Sorry, you know I just gotta lob a short cast at this one…even though I hope it doesn’t offend the higher ups at Target. As Mr. T used to say, “pity the poor fool” who wears a hunter pink suit to hunting camp in Union Parish next season, unless of course, you are a girl. Don’t hate on me. You know you are thinking the same thing.  And I do know several pranksters that probably can’t wait until their hunting buddy goes to sleep the night before opening day next season to switch out his orange with pink. Hey, you know who you are…

On a more scientific note: Deer have apparently yet to be surveyed to determine what they think about this.

We are not the first to blaze this trail. There is one state that already allows hunters to wear fluorescent pink or blaze orange. Wisconsin. Wisconsin? You’d think the cheese state would just stick with orange, wouldn’t you?

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.38.28 PM

Two up ‘Nort  Wis-Kaaansin deer hunters ...I’ll let youse make up your own caption, or no. (PS – there’s a good chance these guys are both named Bob)



One thought on “Hunter pink?

  1. Hunter pink? Can I exchange my “Real Tree” backpack for a purse?

    Posted by Emil Turner | April 26, 2016, 12:3611:14 am

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