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Crappie Masters will be back!

First, the good news.  Crappie Masters President Mike Vallentine officially pulled out of town Sunday morning, but as a going away present, we got confirmation that it won’t be the last visit. Mark your calendars for Feb. 24,25, 2017. Crappie Masters will be back!  The Louisiana State Championship will return to Lake D’Arbonne in Union … Continue reading

Richard & Rayner are Crappie Masters!

Crappie Masters Champs Casey Rayner and Terry Richard “Show Me” State anglers from Missouri dominated the top ten of the Louisiana State Crappie Championship on Lake D’Arbonne after Day One. On Day Two, West Monroe’s Terry Richard and Casey Rayner decided they had better show the home lake crappie just who was boss. They did. … Continue reading

“Show me” crappie

Leaders Kevin Jones and Billy Don Surface This time of year, Lake D’Arbonne’s slab crappie love shiners and jigs, deep water and, apparently, anglers from Missouri. Two of those anglers – Kevin Jones and Billy Don Surface, saw our Union Parish lake for the first time two days ago. They brought in seven big crappie … Continue reading

A professional approach

No matter how good a crappie fishermen you are, you can learn a thing or two from touring pros who fish lakes all around the country. Two anglers who are here for Friday and Saturday’s Crappie Masters tournament who were willing to share everything about their approach to Lake D’Arbonne are Dan Dannenmueller Sr. and … Continue reading

No hiding these crappie masters…

Check out this new Lake D’Arbonne crappie video by Buster Craig of Marion State Bank (note: you may have to push play to start the video on some devices). Then look below for a profile of two great fisherpeople here for this weekend’s Crappie Masters. It’s a big week on the ‘Bone!   Most fishermen … Continue reading

Change of plans

Today I planned on a fishing report for the upcoming Crappie Masters tournament. But this is more important. This certainly isn’t the kind of thing we wanted to write about today. But it serves as a stern warning to each and every one of us every time we go out on the water. This is … Continue reading

It started with gum balls

Gum ball machines and crappie fishing tournaments. How in the world could those two be connected? This week as the first ever Louisiana State Crappie Championship gets ready to kick off on Lake D’Arbonne, we figured you’d like an inside look at the organization that puts these events on. We’ll let Missouri fisherman and president … Continue reading

Catching fish for money

A lot of money is on the line for the entrants in next week’s Crappie Masters Louisiana State Championship fishing tournament on D’Arbonne. Also at stake are points in the angler of the year race and for spots in the national championship later in the year. Believe it or not, catching fish for money has … Continue reading

Last year…and an interruption…

This very same time last year, guess what I saw off my back deck at Lake D’Arbonne? Relax Crappie Masters. Four + inches of snow.  Won’t happen this year, but… * * * * * * * * * * * Okay, now we interrupt crappie season to bring you this announcement: There’s something big … Continue reading

Crappie info you can count on!

There are an unprecedented number of crappie fishermen on Lake D’Arbonne right now with local and area anglers getting in on the spring bite. There are also visitors here for the upcoming Crappie Masters tournament and these pros have already honed in on where the fish are and how to catch them. You would think … Continue reading

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