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No hiding these crappie masters…

Check out this new Lake D’Arbonne crappie video by Buster Craig of Marion State Bank (note: you may have to push play to start the video on some devices). Then look below for a profile of two great fisherpeople here for this weekend’s Crappie Masters. It’s a big week on the ‘Bone!



Most fishermen try to keep a little anonymity on the lake, especially when they are catching big fish and getting ready for a big tournament. Not the Illinois husband and wife team of Jackie and Holly Linton. You can see them coming from a mile away. Literally.

Their big lime green Phoenix fiberglass boat makes just plain old chartreuse seem wimpy. And when you get closer to The Green Machine, you also see almost everything is lime green — shirts, tennis shoes, fishing rods, jig heads and yes, even cell phones. Get the picture? And I had to ask, why all the green?

FullSizeRender-35They both answered at the same time, “We just like green”. Well, if they catch a bunch of fish like the ones they landed today, they’ll be seeing more green come Saturday afternoon at the end of the Crappie Masters Louisiana Championship. Cha-ching green.

It’s part of The Green Machine image of going big or going home and having fun all the way. Holly, a nurse, and Jackie, a correctional supervisor, started fishing crappie tournaments last year and fell in love with it. They also quickly fell in love with crappie fishing on Lake D’Arbonne after traveling roughly 600 miles from their home In Carlyle, Illinois, for this weekend’s event. More than 70 teams from several states are here for the big event Friday and Saturday.

And just like the duo aren’t afraid to be noticed, they also don’t mind sharing their approach to catching crappie on the ‘Bone. They have been using double minnow rigs in the deep water and also double 32nd ounce jig rigs with Lake Fork Live Baby Shad in the bull bream and pear color. They also say if they stuck around here a couple more weeks, they would be following the fish shallow and fishing around all the piers and boat docks.

“I know when the fish move shallow, when they aren’t on the beds, they’ll be hanging under all these docks,” Jackie said. They don’t mind sharing information or good fishing ideas.

“Look, we learned more about crappie fishing by fishing in the tournaments last year than the 4-5 years before put together,” he said. “People are so nice to help you or tell you how to catch them. We will tell anybody anything we know. It’s all part of crappie fishing.”

Another question I had to ask: Which of you catches the most fish?

“We both share our fish,” Holly said. “We don’t keep score. But it is funny, yesterday on the spider rig 80% of the fish came on Jackie’s side. Today 80% of them came on the poles on my side. It happens that way a lot.”

The Big Green Machine fishing show is brought too you by Phoenix Boats, Mercury Marine, ACC Crappie Stix, Lake Fork Lures, Brush pile jigs, Gates Custom “slab nasty” Jigs, Crappieholic and Lowrance.  Oh, yes, and also by the color green.

Welcome to Lake D’Arbonne.


Tuesday required rain gear for much of the day but it didn’t slow down the Lintons.

By the way, does that crappie look a little more green than usual?



One thought on “No hiding these crappie masters…

  1. I love this couple and have the same philosophy.It is giving that you gain. Great article.

    Posted by Warren Maxwell | February 24, 2016, 12:3610:33 am

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