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Duck wrap

The 2015-16 duck season is a wrap. It’s done. Any other sixty days never pass this fast. The season in the East Zone, which includes our area, went down with the sun Sunday afternoon. Overall, it was a poor season.  It was the ducks fault. The ducks just didn’t come down this far. Yet. You … Continue reading

What matters

How big a deer did you kill? How many two-pound crappie did you catch. How many little old ladies did you help cross the street? How much did you give to the United Way? Well, that’s all nice, but: John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that … Continue reading

Boat Show time

This weekend is the 28th Annual KNOE Boat & Outdoor Show! Actually – it’s three shows – a Boat Show, Gun Show and a RV Show. Admission is $6 for adults. Here’s the deal: What:   28th Annual KNOE Boat & Outdoor Show When:   Friday – Sunday; January 29th, 30th & 31st Hours:   Fri – 12pm … Continue reading

Danna: Geared to go

(Second of a two-part series) You can catch crappie with a 12-foot cane pole and shiners some of the time. But if you want to catch a lot of fish a lot of the time, it certainly helps to be geared to go. Combine the right equipment with the natural knack for finding fish like … Continue reading

Danna kidnapped by crappie

(First of a two-part series) More than 40 years ago, a man came to the back door at the Monroe News-Star/Morning World newspaper office and asked for me. He had something he thought I might want a picture of. He did have. I quickly loaded up a 24 shot roll of black and white film … Continue reading

Better listen…

 John 3:16 16″For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Cold enough for you?

Think it’s bad here today?  Wait until Saturday or Sunday morning. Not even a shiner wants to go fishing in that weather. When the temperature starts with a “2” I don’t even look out the window! Then Monday, it will be 66 again. The weather sinus doctors can only dream of. But things could be … Continue reading

Keeping “Pace” with D’Arbonne Crappie

You don’t have to spend all day on the lake to keep pace with some of the goings-on around crappie fishing at Lake D’Arbonne these days. You can always check on Pacebook. I mean, Facebook. Some friends got him set up online and Neal Pace has taken the jig and run with it to keep … Continue reading

D’Arbonne bite list:

Charlie Fitzgerald and Josh Passon  Depth finder. Shiners. Warm, warm clothes. Patience. Those are four things you need to catch big crappie on Lake D’Arbonne right now. The past few days have been tough on numbers, but some really good fish are being caught. Witness to that is the fact that stringers like the one … Continue reading

$200 crappie hole!

Now, I have to admit. I’ve seen a couple of places on D’Arbonne that get fished 8-10 times a day during the peak of the spring fishing season. And there are some “community” tops out in the lake that get fished pretty regularly. But there was one big top on a southern lake that apparently … Continue reading

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